Kylowave Universal Energy Conversion System (K-ECS)



A multipurpose lab kit that can serve several labs including control systems, power electronics, mechatronics, and renewable energy.



Renewable Energy and Mechatronics Lab

Projects: 2010



Platform 1: Hobby Electric Remote Control Car






Feedback Loop

Software (Dynamic)

Machine Vision





System Modeling


PID controller

Software (Static)

OS Selection

High Level

Remote Communication

Computer Platform Selection

Remote Communication


On-Vehicle Interface


On-Vehicle Interface

Low Level

Remote Control

Embedded Platform Selection

Motor Driver Interface


Hardware (Dynamic)




Hardware (Static)

                                 Add-on Frame


Physical (Dynamic)


Physical (Static)

Add-on Frame

Project 1a: Add-on Frame  
Project 2a: Sensors  

Project 3a: Machine Vision


Project 4a: Motor Drive Interface


Project 5a: Remote Communication


Project 6a: Remote Control


Project 7a: EMI/EMC


Project 8a: On-Vehicle Interface


Project 9a: PID Controller





Platform 2: Renewable Energy

It is our ultimate goal at the University of Ottawa to build a reliable medium size (50-100 kW) wind turbine system based on solid concepts and design, computer simulation, experimental and field tests. Basing on the general dual-rotor concepts, our electrical and mechanical student developed two projects that won two top awards in 2010: the people’s choice award for Technology Venture Challenge:; and the best Ontario Power Authority (OPA) energy conservation project. Basing on the proven concepts, we are turning this project into a research and development platform that focuses on optimization of performance.

Project 1b: Contra-rotating Generator  

Project 2b: MicroHydro Generator

Project 3b: Friction Drive System  

Project 4b: Contra-rotating Wind Turbine System

Project 5b: Green Gym  
Project 6b: Condition Monitoring of Wind Turbines  

Platform 3: Submarine System